Plumbing Tools

Essential plumbing tools to have at home

Plumbing: needed by one and all

Plumbing is crucial for any and every home and every home owner must take it very seriously. A proper plumbing system is important for the proper functioning of the house. However there are some times when certain small issues occur and one must be prepared for the same. There is certainly no harm in maintaining a plumbing tool kit at home that can come in handy when needed.

Plumbing tools: a summary

There are a number of plumbing tools available in the market and most of them are user friendly.
These tools for plumbing can help the user in accomplishing certain updates and repairs of the plumbing system. There are can be many basic jobs which can be handled on one’s own without taking the trouble of calling a plumber such as changing some plumbing fittings, changing shower heads or changing a tap. Further are the tools that can come in handy for solving such issues.

The plumbing tools for DIY home plumbing projects

  • The first tool that can be added to the list is locking pliers. Some might also address them as channel locks and these fulfill the basic purpose and are a must for every DIY plumbing kit. These pliers can be used to tighten, loosen, hold, twist and pull. They are available in variety of sizes and one can purchase via the internet as well


  • The next tool on the list is a plunger which is yet another essential on the list. The plumbing tools discussed here are very basic in nature and can be bought with utmost convenience. The clogs are indeed the worst enemy for any and every plumbing fittings such as showers, toilets and sinks. The plunger is the answer to these clogs as it helps in clearing them. There are several shapes of plungers available in the market such as a flange design for the toilets and one with a shape of bell for any other drain.


  • A pipe wrench is yet another important entry on the list. Working with pipes can be difficult without this tool as it helps in turning the fittings or pipes that have round surfaces. It happens to be a big and bulky tool and can be utilized as a tool for opening and tightening buts and caps.


  • The next essential plumbing tool to have in the kit is auger or a plumbing snake. Again, this one helps in clearing the drains and remedies the clogs on their own. It is primarily a long tool that has a long end or a spring with an auger at one end that goes in the drain to remove the clog. The other end has a handle that needs to be gripped by the user. There are many kinds of auger available in the market to choose from and one can pick the one they think is best suited.


  • A Teflon tape is also an essential tool as it helps in securing some minor leaks. It is a very affordable tool to have and so are most of them mentioned above.


The importance of plumbing tools is fairly much and thus everyone must maintain a small kit at home so that they can tackle small issues on their own.


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