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Basic Plumbing Tools List- What Tools Should a Plumber Carry

Role of plumbing tools

It is extremely important for all plumbers to have certain basic plumbing tools when heading to work. Having the right set of plumbing tools can ensure that the repair process is very simple and easy. So, when it comes to the plumber’s tool box, there are certain plumbing tools which should always be in place. The tools which every plumber must have when on a job does play a massive role in all the plumbing task that the plumbers face. So, here we have come up with a list of 4 tools that every plumber must have.

4 Tools that a plumber should carry


Plumbers have always been known for bringing with them a pipe wrench on every single plumbing job. Even though the pipe wrench is a very handy plumbing tool, the wrench is today replaced with the channel locks. This new tool that is used in place of the pipe wrench is extremely quick and handy. It can cater to the plumbing job with phenomenal ease.  Pliers work even better when they operate in pairs meaning one of it can be used to unscrew while the other one would be used to stabilize the pipe. Having some differently sized pliers can definitely simplify the plumbing projects and make them easier to do. It also saves a lot of time.

Basic Wrench-

Basic Wrench is also referred to as the ‘sink wrench’. It is a very handy tool when it comes to plumbing fittings and fixtures. You can use this tool when you wish to change out an old faucet in kitchen sink, bathroom or laundry. The basic wrench is an extremely helpful self tightening wrench. You can use this tool to tighten or loosen the fittings in places that maybe difficult to reach. When a plumber makes a purchase of this tool, they usually buy the one that has a telescoping shank since it is capable of holding a 90-degree position on its own thereby making the things simple.

Pipe Wrenches-

Pipe wrenches is more like a necessity and a basic requirement that is mandatory in almost every plumping project. It is therefore necessary for a plumber to always have this tool in his plumbing tool box. This tool can prove to be extremely helpful especially when it comes to threaded items such as iron pipes. Various fittings such as nipples on the water heater, yard hydrants and the pressure regulators will require the use of pipe wrenches in order to assure substantial leverage to help unscrew it. It would be a good idea to have some differently sized pipe wrenches in the tool box.

Torch and Solder Box-

Working with the soldering pipes and copper pipes will require the use of a solder box and torch. A solder box usually comprises of a flux and brush, pipe cleaning brushes, pipe cutter, Emory cloth and reaming tool.

Final Say

These are the 4 most important tools that every plumber must have in their plumbing tool kit.


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